New Gig = More Content?

Fun announcement to make today! I've joined a rad crew of local blogging mamas and will be contributing to the Cedar Rapids Moms Blog for the foreseeable future 🙂 I've been looking for ways to connect to my community, get out, and make new friends - so when I saw a call for new contributors … Continue reading New Gig = More Content?

A new space for a new year!

Real talk: 2018 chewed me up and spit me out. It was great and hard and fun and miserable... it was a beautiful mess that I am so grateful for. But I'm ready for shit to settle down now. Please and thank you. As part of the settling, I've decided to not only dust off … Continue reading A new space for a new year!

Must be move on the brain

I continue feeling the need to apologize for my totally-not-scheduled blogging schedule, but that's also kind of one of the things I'm working toward with this whole "adulting" endeavor. Soooo I should probably stop over-apologizing about that one, yeah? Today I wanted to pop in with the random things that are floating around my brain-space … Continue reading Must be move on the brain