New Gig = More Content?

Fun announcement to make today!

I’ve joined a rad crew of local blogging mamas and will be contributing to the Cedar Rapids Moms Blog for the foreseeable future 🙂

I’ve been looking for ways to connect to my community, get out, and make new friends – so when I saw a call for new contributors for CRMB, it was a no-brainer to apply!

I can already tell that this gig is going to inspire me and force me to spend more time with a keyboard in my lap, which bodes well for all of you reluctant adults out there who are like “yo, where’s the content?”

More content??

The awesome thing about this opportunity (apart from basically everything) is that I have been really struggling to figure out which buckets of my life belong on Reluctant Adulting. Parenting-type posts don’t really feel like they belong here, but I do have a ton of stuff I want to talk about in that realm and CRMB is the perfect outlet for those topics.

And, on that note…

My first post is LIVE

That’s right, friends. Today is a two-for one, as my first post for CRMB is live. Here’s a sneak peek, but make sure to hop over to read the full thing – this one is targeted to all humans, not just moms!

The Holy Trinity of Pain-Free Meal Planning

Meal planning is an awesome way to save time and money, make weeknight dinners easier when you’re overloaded, and even (if you’re lucky) get your kids to eat healthier foods. The problem with meal planning? For me, the biggest one is time. It’s no small feat to select a week’s worth of recipes, build a grocery list, and amble through the grocery store with cranky kids (and sometimes husbands) in tow. Add to that everything else that needs to be done on top of a 40+ hour work week, and let’s be honest – I’m not the likeliest candidate for something as proactive as meal planning.

Even if you’re not like me, though – even if you’re a veteran meal planner and you’ve got your routine down, you love the thrill of the recipe hunt and the supermarket sweep – there’s always room for improvement, right?

…continue reading on Cedar Rapids Moms Blog!

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