Must be move on the brain

I continue feeling the need to apologize for my totally-not-scheduled blogging schedule, but that’s also kind of one of the things I’m working toward with this whole “adulting” endeavor. Soooo I should probably stop over-apologizing about that one, yeah?

Today I wanted to pop in with the random things that are floating around my brain-space lately. Obviously many, many, many of them are new house and moving-related. I swear, I never intended for this to be a “homeowner’s* blog”, but it’ll probably look a lot like one until we get settled into the new place. Just how it goes. #sorrynotsorry #exceptkindof

*side note: does anyone else read this as “ho-MEOW-ners?” Cuz I can’t unsee that shit

So, let’s knock out the obvious ones first:

1. House sale prep – yaaaaaaaaay (sarcasm)

Things we need to do to sell our house:

  • Purge/declutter – we’re actually having a garage sale in a couple weeks to help with this one.
  • Paint, paint, paint – we’ll be painting our kitchen cabinets, all of our bathroom vanities, two of four bedrooms, and our hallway linen closet in the next few weeks.
  • New carpet – self explanatory. We’ve gotta get our carpet replaced, which means we have to clear out all bedrooms, as well as living & dining rooms.
  • Yard work – our yard is essentially just a jungle of overgrown bushes. We should maybe do something about that.
  • Staging – I gotta learn how to do this. Our house is totally awesome and I want to make sure she looks her best when people start coming through.
  • Make arrangements for pets – we need to have a plan on standby for what to do with our dog & cat when last-minute showings are scheduled.
  • LIST THE THING! Thank GOD we have an amazing realtor. This part doesn’t stress me out at all.

2. New house selections – yaaaaaaaay (definitely NOT sarcasm)

We have SO many choices to make for the new house, and I’ll be honest – I’m effing PUMPED. They keep telling us not to worry & don’t get too stressed out, but I’m not worried about anything other than the fact that I tend to have tastes that exceed my budget. Whoops. I am fully confident in my ability to make decisions about what goes in my house. I have been training for this for years by obsessing over interior design and DIY blogs. And luckily I’m married to someone who has asked for nothing beyond veto rights where finishes are concerned 🙂

3. Blogging

This place! I’m thinking about this place so much and what I want to do with it and all the super cool opportunities I have at my fingertips right now. My brain is SWIMMING in ideas that are just dying to get out into the world. Right. This. Second… It’s gonna take some time to get me there and right now that’s my biggest hurdle. Like, slow down, lady. One step at a time… I gotta stop here before I word vomit all over the place.

And probably less obvious, seeing as it is a big ol’ secret…

4. *super secret* Passion Project

Ok, this is kind of a tease. Obviously I can’t give too many details here, but I have something I’m working on getting up and running that is gonna be really cool & will hopefully be an amazing community booster in the Cedar Rapids area! I want to spend more time professing my love for my hometown, and this thing is one of the ways I’m going to do it! This thing is on my 30 by 30 Bucket List, so hopefully I get it taken care of in the next few weeks (holy shit, I turn 30 this month!) & can make an official announcement.

Other stuff:

  • Reading: Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • Listening: Armchair Expert with Dax Shephard podcast
  • Obsessing over: Ikea (so sue me)
  • Geeking about: SWATH <—- what’s this you ask? I’ll tell you soon!

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